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Iepazīsties - STARK VARG News
Iepazīsties - STARK VARG

What will you ride today? A 125cc two-stroke? 250cc or 450cc four-stroke? The VARG is the most versatile and advanced motocross bike on the planet. It can be easily customized to your skill level and riding style at any circuit. Through the Stark VARG App you can create up to 100 ride modes, adjusting the power curve, engine braking, traction control and virtual flywheel weight according to your liking, and have five modes actively installed on the bike.

But, will you have enough power? The VARG boasts peak performance of 80hp, 30% more than a typical 450cc four-stroke. We also give you 938 Nm of torque on the rear wheel, more than double of any of the 450s.

Control the VARG’s power. You can adjust from 1 to 80hp in just a few seconds through the Stark VARG App, an intuitive and comprehensive tool available in your display, or through your Apple or Android phone.


STARK VARG will be available in Latvia from 2023!